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How to Save Money on Medical Marijuana

How to Save Money on Medical Marijuana


If you use medical marijuana because of a health issue, you might be happy about the fact that you are able to use medical cannabis rather than other types of medication. However, there is one big concern that can go along with doing so: the cost. The truth is that marijuana is not cheap, and health insurance companies do not cover it. This can leave you wondering how you are supposed to pay for the marijuana that you use for medical purposes.

Luckily, you do have a few options for saving money on medical cannabis. If you follow these tips, you should be able to afford your cannabis without having to spend as much money on it.

Get a Medical Marijuana Card

Many people have never actually talked to a doctor about getting a prescription for medical marijuana, but they might have found out on their own that using marijuana is a good way to cut down on anxiety, pain and other issues. First of all, you should know that possessing and using marijuana in Canada without a medical marijuana card is illegal, so you do have to worry about facing criminal charges if you do not have a medical marijuana card. Plus, buying your marijuana off the street can be a lot more expensive (and a lot more dangerous) than buying in a dispensary. This means that if you do not currently have a medical marijuana card in Canada, now is the time to get one to both save money and keep yourself safe.

Use a Vaporizer

If you are used to smoking marijuana the old-fashioned way — such as by rolling a joint — you should know that this can be a good way to waste weed. You can easily drop the marijuana while you are rolling the joint, or it could fall out of the joint before you are able to get it lit. Plus, it can burn up more quickly, causing you to use more. Using a vaporizer instead can help you avoid wasting your marijuana and can be a much healthier method of use, too.

Compare Prices

Don’t assume that all dispensaries charge the same prices because this could not be further from the truth. Some charge a lot more than others, even for marijuana that is of the same or lesser quality. Others have special discounts on different products on different days of the week. Visiting multiple dispensaries, checking out their websites or calling ahead can help you get an idea of what you can expect to pay for at each location. Then, you can determine the local dispensary that has the most reasonable prices.

As you can see, there are a few different ways that you can save money on marijuana. If you follow these tips, you can save money while still getting the marijuana that you need for medical purposes.


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