The Best Tummy Tuck Work Outs You Should Try This Year


Almost all of the patients who usually undergo a tummy tuck surgery aim to have a slimmer and fitted waistline. Regardless of the tummy tuck Toronto, procedure you undergo, it is vital that you always maintain a healthy lifestyle after the operation. Eat well and do regular exercises to heal fast and maintain body fitness as well.

But most patients almost certainly never know when the best time is to start exercising again after undergoing the tummy tuck procedure. However, much regular exercise is important to maintain a positive lifestyle, going back to those vigorous exercises you used to do before the operation can prove to be pretty hectic.

Meaning, you shouldn’t dive into the full-scale exercise you were used to before after your operation. You can start slowly and listen to how your body adjusts to these exercises. You should know that the procedure works differently with every patient. Yes, the main agenda is to achieve fitness, but different patients heal differently. So, you should not expect to do the same workouts as another tummy tuck patient. In this situation, it is vital that you get advice from a qualified physician and or doctor who can guide you through the whole exercise routines that you can begin with during the first few weeks and see how it goes as time goes by.

  1. Two weeks post-surgery

By this time, most of the soreness has probably faded, and you can perform some light activities in and around your house like walking on level surfaces. This is the best time to get your body moving again. It also helps a lot in the recovery process.

  1. Four weeks post-surgery

If you are one such patient, who enjoys weightlifting as part of your regular personal fitness routine. This is the time you can begin trying it out, but with a lot of caution and moderation. You will still need to stick to the lightweights to avoid aggravating the point of incision. You can then work towards gradually increasing the weights as time goes by and your body adjusts to the repetitions of your routines.

  1. 6-8 weeks post-surgery

You may have to wait for up to even six months or even more before beginning workouts, especially when the workouts include abdominal-specific exercises, if plan to reincorporate these types of workouts into your routine. Your abdominal muscle groups may be nearly healed by this time, but you should wait until they are fully healed before you begin subjecting them to strenuous muscle-specific workouts.

You may feel that your body and wounds are healed enough to resume your usual heavy workouts, but that doesn’t mean that you should. You have to follow all the activity guidelines given to you by your physician if you don’t want to risk aggravating the injury and heal faster.

You may put yourself at risk for several reasons if you get into strenuous workouts too early.

After you have undergone a tummy tuck procedure, it is your job to listen to your body, give it all the time it needs to heal, and then start incorporating these weekly activity guidelines to stay fit.


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