What Makes Caribbean Medical Schools Popular For Canadians


Most Canadian students seeking medical study apply to Caribbean Medical Schools largely as a safety option in case they fail to secure a spot in Canadian medical schools. In the course of the last 4 decades, the Caribbean Islands have witnessed a steady rise in the number of medical schools as well as the numbers of their students from abroad. A major contributing factor is that medical school requirements in the Caribbean for Canadians students are very conducive.

Early Clinical Experience

Caribbean medical schools, for example AUA offer their medical students the chance of developing clinical skills quite early during the curriculum. In comparison, the majority of U.S. and Canadian medical schools tend to put this off until when the student is doing their pre-clinical curriculum or entirely leaving it to the clinicals. This exposure to early clinical settings generally prepares students to apply the medical knowledge acquired during the Basic Sciences in their clinical rotations.

The Tropical Paradise

Instead of having to study in some stuffy dorm room during the chilly cold season, when you study in a Caribbean Medical University, you can always take to the warm beaches which are consistently warmer. Again, the lovely weather on Caribbean Islands helps you in unwinding after studying hard for your exams.

Closer Community

Compared to US or Canadian medical schools, those in the Caribbean are known for having closer knit student communities. As this could be your first time to be outside your home country, everyone can have a chance of sharing a new common experience. You’ll end up making friends for life and, perhaps more importantly, develop a great professional network even after leaving the Caribbean medical school.

Gain a Global perspective

When you become a practicing physician, your work will bring you into contact with patients coming from a diversity of cultural backgrounds. By studying in a Caribbean medical school, you get the chance of linking up and connecting with people who hail from lots of diverse cultures from day one, giving you a more global perspective.

As most Caribbean medical schools have affiliations with several teaching hospitals, it accords medical students the opening of taking part in clinical rotations across the US with some even offering global opportunities. A Caribbean Medical University like the AUA even put into place elective clinical rotations in India and Canada.


Competition for medical graduate study in Canada is fierce. Over 75% of Canadian students who are undertaking medical studies abroad indicate that this is as a result of failing to obtain an admission spot in any of the Canadian medical schools. While Canada has also seen an expansion of medical school spots in recent years, still only 25% of those applying get accepted, hence the preference for the Caribbean Islands. In many instances, the medical school requirements in the Caribbean are more relaxed compared to those in the US and Canada

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