Use These 6 Simple Techniques to Have a More Comfortable Futon Bed


A futon sofa can easily become one of the handiest and reliable household furniture in your home. It can be a sofa where you and your friends and family members can sit and relax and hang out or watch TV or magically turn into a bed where your guests can crash in overnight. And the best part about it is that it is very cost-friendly even when bought with the futon covers.

However, if you have ever slept on a futon, then you know by now that they are not nearly as comfortable as sleeping in a luxurious four-star hotel bed. But the plus side is that there are a couple of steps that you can take to ensure that you have a more comfortable sleeping experience on your futon bed. Here are six simple techniques that you can adapt to ensure that you have a more comfortable futon bed.

1. Add a mattress topper

Most people usually add mattress toppers to their regular mattresses. And the same can be done for the futon mattresses. There are many mattress toppers that are made of different materials like the egg carton-style foam mattress toppers and the luxurious memory foam mattress toppers. After you have found the best mattress topper for your futon, you simply need to slip it inside your futon cover or even just layer it on the mattress. You then need to cover both the topper and the futon mattress with a fitted sheet which should basically hold everything together.

2. Change your futon mattress

If you are looking to have a good night’s sleep, then a comfortable futon mattress may be what makes all the difference. Futon mattresses are made in different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, and the thicker futon mattresses obviously offer more comfortable sleeping experience. However, you also need to check the materials used to make the futon mattresses. Don’t just go for the thicker futon mattresses blindly. Futon mattresses made of foam are usually the best ones which you can try out.

3. Add support to your futon mattress

You may also decide to add something to act as a top-up of your futon mattress to make it more comfortable. A little extra support for your futon bed or sofa sleeper can be the difference between having a comfortable futon sleep and just regular or uncomfortable sleep. So, you can decide to add a few wooden bed slats which will act to provide firmness and also prevent any sagging especially in the middle of your futon mattress and around its edges.

4. Add a featherbed to your futon mattress

A feather bed is something like a down comforter which you are meant to sleep on top of instead of pulling it over you. Featherbeds usually add a more blissful layer of warmth and softness between you and your futon.

5. Add an air mattress

Most futon beds are usually only just about a foot or even less off the ground. And some people usually find it uncomfortable sitting down that low. This is where you need to consider placing a good air mattress on your opened-up futon. This will offer a more comfortable futon experience even for your guests. It acts like a double dose of comfort.

6. Layer comforters on the mattress

You can also just turn to a comforter and just later a couple of comforters on your futon mattress. This will also cut to give your futon an extra layer of cushioning. And you will notice a huge difference in the comfortability of your futon after doing this.


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